Two Sparrows Homestead is currently looking for distinctive, unique, quirky hand crafted goods made by Hudson Valley based artisans. We are looking for an eclectic mix of high quality goods. We would love to see what you create and see if your work would be a good fit to showcase in our shop. Please submit your info on our contact page along with pics of your current work. If you have any questions, please put them on there as well. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.



  Amy DiLalla - The Peach Tree, Hudson Valley, NY, USA  

Amy creates natural stone jewelry with the intention of spreading positive thinking and a connection to our roots by understanding that we are a part of the earth we walk upon. “Carry a piece of the earth with you, every day.”

  Ashlynn Brink - Housecat Club!, St. Petersburg, FL, USA  
All of Ashlynn’s toys are handmade with love from organic and vegan materials, then stuffed with human-grade, USA-grown, certified organic catnip! “Uncommon goods for exceptional cats”
    Barbara Robertson - B. Robertson Pottery, Strasburg, VA, USA    
Barbara produces a line of rustic handmade pottery, focusing on functional stoneware pieces for table, garden and giving. Each piece is wheel thrown or hand-built from stoneware clay, and kiln fired here in their Shenandoah Valley studio.
    Carolyn Monaghan from Love Wood Co.    
Carolyn is a local artist that comes from a long line of wood workers. She was born with the talent of being an artist and has a drive for hard work and perfection.  Carolyn’s craftsmanship changes every day to meet her clients expectations and can customize any piece from hashtags to sayings to last names.  Some of her favorite pieces come from her love for The Catskills and The Hudson Valley which can be seen in many of her pieces.  
  Cathryn Jasterzbski - Metalsmith, Hudson Valley, NY, USA  
Cathryn is from the beautiful Hudson Valley and it’s there that she finds most of her artistic inspiration. She completed her undergraduate degrees from The State University of NY at New Paltz. Within her practice, Cathryn investigates the history of contemporary art jewelry and that of fine jewelry in order to contribute to the visual conversation between these two worlds. Cathryn is currently attending Rhode Island School of Design for her MFA in metal.
    Diane Sammarco - DM Blythe    
I am a practicing attorney with an artsy side.  I grew up in Sullivan County and now live with my husband and kids in Orange County, New York, after taking a wonderful 10-year side trip to Brooklyn.  I began customizing Blythe dolls a couple of years ago and I’m enjoying it immensely.  Working with Blythe appeals to my curiosity about how things work, as well as my desire to learn and improve my art.  I love sharing my work and technique, and seeing people’s reactions to my dolly creations!
    Di Paulovich - Woolleybuttbears, Adelaide, Australia    
Woollybuttbears are one-of-a-kind little handmade teddy bears. They are created from quality materials and each has their own little personality. Di has been fortunate to have won some awards and have been published in the Australian Bear Creations magazine.
    Jeanne from juNxtaposition    
I love to upcycle and use vintage flatware along side beautiful natural stones to create a OOAK piece that tells a unique story.
    Joe Kugler - Yankee Woodworx, Hudson Valley, NY, USA    
Joe is a lifelong Hudson Valley resident and a Veteran of the US Air Force. He creates beautiful birdhouses out of wood and vintage found objects.
    Kaja Dedijer - Biti Besha Jewelry, Hudson Valley, NY, USA    
Kaja is a gemologist, designer and jeweler. She loves creating designs that are minimal, yet elegant. Biti Besha jewelry is designed to accompany you wherever your journey should lead — whether it’s across the street or around the world; toward a dream or down memory lane.
    Lucy - Bel Monili    
Lucy hand-crafts unique jewelry using vintage and re-purposed materials, including vintage earrings, chains, books, buttons, flowers and much more. Each item she makes is uniquely one of a kind, making it an affordable piece of wearable art.
    Lorelei Vella - Artist, Lisbon Falls, ME, USA    
Lorelei loves finding vintage flatware and giving it a new life. She meticulously hand stamps all of her pieces and other personalized gifts for every occasion!
    Marie Neville - Artist, Hudson Valley, NY, USA    
Marie is a 55 year resistant of the Hudson Valley and a USMC Veteran. She is inspired by the beauty of her local scenery, which you can often find as the subject of her work.
    Mari Thomas - Artsy Fartsy Creations, Hudson Valley, NY, USA    
Mari lives in upstate NY and creates beautiful, decorative items for your home using charming new and vintage fabrics, along with bits of coveted scraps and cruel.
    Marjorie Politi - Marjorie’s Letters, Hudson Valley, NY, USA    
A native from Newburgh, NY is an Art Director/Designer and holds a BFA in Advertising from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Marjorie has participated in numerous calligraphy workshops from Boston to Nashville, studying under some of the most recognized and credible calligraphers in the country.
    The Petersen Family - WEE FOREST FOLK, Carlisle, MA, USA    
Wee Forest Folk® is a small family business in Massachusetts that delights in producing a line of miniatures, most of which are mice! Wee Forest Folk has been creating these enchanting little works of art for over 46 years! A Wee Forest Folk mouse begins as an original clay piece, which is hand sculpted by one of three sculptors in the Petersen family. The finished sculpture is molded and hand cast at the "mouse factory". Carefully selected artists flawlessly paint each one by hand bringing to life a sweet little mouse personality.
    Stacy Mazzarino Currie - Stacycakes Design, NJ, USA    
Stacy is a Mixed Media artist, designer, and teacher. She's been making art for over 30 years and specializes in watercolor and acrylic. her eye for color, whimsy, and composition is what makes her artwork so special.
    Stephanie Glaisek - Hudson Valley Chocolates, Hudson Valley, NY, USA    

These delicious confections are handmade by Stephanie, a French-American chocolatiere. Born in France, Stephanie always had a passion for chocolate and pastries. At the age of 17 she became Henri Le Roux's (famous french chocolatier) first and youngest apprentice. She since worked in Avignon, for the Blanes patisserie-chocolaterie and now, today, shares her talent in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

    Sue Parker - SKIPPY DOODLE DESIGNS, Columbia, CT, USA    
Made with found and repurposed goodies, vintage trinkets, and sewing notions, these charming pincushions an add whimsy to the craft room and everyday alike.
    Terri Warner - Artist, Hudson Valley, NY, USA    
Terri is a very talented painter. She finds most of her inspiration locally to which she paints masterfully on rocks. Her realistic detail is what she is most known for.
    Textile Trolley    
I had been a nanny for 20 years. I trained at Norland College, one of the top 'nanny' schools in England and have had a very successful career. I have always enjoyed sewing/ Like most, I think my mother had a great deal to do with that. We also had sewing lessons at school and then believe it or not sewing was a huge part of the curriculum at college. Now here I am living my dream, following in my parents footsteps of becoming a small business owner. I put every effort into designing and making top quality products. I pride myself on attention to detail and then create the most perfect item that I can. I love what I do and only hope that I will be doing it for a very long time to come.
    Tori & Jane - Teller Hill Of The Hudson Valley, Hudson Valley, NY, USA  
Fun, fashionable and fabulous!! Teller Hill collars and accessories are handmade in the Hudson Valley where they understand how to combine great looks and rugged durability. Their top quality designer prints and American made webbing are brought together to create a collar that your pup can wear to a wedding, a holiday family portrait or on a hike in the mountains.
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